I can feel it in the pit of my stomach… I can feel it rising up and coming out as droplets of disappointments and pent up frustrations soaking my face. The depression..its coming or rather, it’s here. I’ve been doing so good lately. Really trying to stay positive. I’ve had some issues with bursts of […]

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It is what it is…

I have a serious issue with always worrying about what others say or think about it. It weighs me down. It’s something that I have always carried with me. This need to be liked by everyone. You wouldn’t think so with the way I act and speak sometimes. Well…that is according to those who judge […]

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It was another usual “Throwback Thursday” and I decided to post a photo of me from about 9 years ago. When I first got with my now wife, a time when I was also the most physically fit and happy with my physique. I thought it was a great picture…but I didn’t know it would […]

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Ms. Mary Sunshine

Everyone always starts off the new year with high expectations. Its a new opportunity to do the things you didn’t do in the year prior. The usual things are always: Exercise more Eat Healthy Save money Travel more And while those are definitely on my resolutions list I had a much more important resolution which […]

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I’m Still Scared.

It’s been sometime since I posted anything. To be honest, I was afraid of any emotional release after Nov. 8th. This years elections hit me a lot harder than I thought it would. I mean, it’s the most emotional I have ever been after a political campaign. On Nov. 8th, I sat in my living […]

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Jenny & Debbie Have Lunch

“Don’t take it so personal. Try to adjust to the situation.” It’s a mantra I often try to repeat to myself but fail to actually listen to. I can’t help it. I cant control the things in my life that trigger my anxiety that trigger my depression. I live in my head. Constantly asking myself […]

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Hello Demogorgon….

Its been a while since I have written. I wish I could say it was because my anxiety and depression had disappeared for a while. But truth is, I forced it into hiding by filling my schedule up with as many projects and tasks as humanely possible…and then some. So that I could ignore the […]

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